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So I'm sure you have all been aware how hot its been. I love it myself and I hope that its not wearing anybody out too much. I want you all to know well have some new dates up soon we've locked in for Biscuits and Blues next month, and we also have booked the San Jose Tapestry and Talent street festival which will be over labor day weekend. Come on down and meet my mom I'm going to invite her since its her birthday and she is turning a momentous 25 which makes her 2 years younger than me. For anybody confounded or confused about such things please ask me after the show and I'll be glad to explain it all clearly. BW


We are playing on KPFA tomorrow around 1pm 94.1FM so you check it out and tell us how it sounds.
While I'm writing this it's so far past my bed time that I can't see straight but I'm proud to say that we have some new photos up, so check them out. Chris has finally sold his Mesa Boogie(check out post 3-22-03) to a gentleman in Minnesota who I'm sure will have endless hours of fun explaining to the local police why even at only 2 on the volume dial they seem to get complaints from his neighbors. night-BW


So much has gone down since I've posted last that its hard to know where to start. This is a luminous time for the Devils we are working aggressively on our tour of the west coast, and quickly the dates should fill in. I mentioned in the last post we were trying to get into the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival; It didn't happen. Such is life so instead TBED has agreed to head south, and as time rolls along we'll be putting up dates for those shows.

The Bay to Breakers was the most fun that I have had in a long time. Thanks to Kristen, and Sarah for help with the flyers we couldn't have done it with out you.


I had a great time at the Pioneer Saloon last weekend, and I hope you all did too. TBED has been working hard on a tour for this summer. If all works out well be playing at the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival and points in between. We'll give you plenty of notice so you can have the time to book your plane flights up to this great event. TBED also encourages people to quit there day job and follow the tour, but let us get the dates more in place so you can find appropriate lodging along the way. See you all at the next show. BW


Tax day is tomorrow get yours in, and I hope that you all don't have to pay like me. This Friday were playing Biscuits and Blues everybody planning on coming reserve ahead of time. Last show we had people (you know who you were) waiting out side hoping that people left so they could get in. We are giving away an EP of live Devils music to the first people in the door of each show, so come early. In other news Baby Gramps played Henfling's up off of highway nine this weekend. Brett was there, and said that he was as always outstanding. Brett also mentioned that Baby Gramps had found a jug band on the streets of Santa Cruz called the Kitchen Syncopaters. For those of you who don't know anything about music like myself the word syncopation means to not play on the down beat (I had to look it up). Brett also said they were younger than us and very good. Who knows we might be playing a show with them sometime in the future.


We'll see you all at Pioneer tonight and some new faces as well thanks to the Metro for giving us a shout out in their weekend calendar.

In other news The North Mississippi All Stars rolled into town last night along with Robert Randolph and played the Fillmore. Some of you might know that we opened for the All Stars last September, and last night they were gracious enough to put us on there guest list for the show. If you have never seen either of these great groups of musicians do so. Both bands play a style of music that is feel good and upbeat without pulling any punches, and the talent pool of both these groups is off the scale.


We have a show tonight at the Ivy Room hope to see you all there. Would you like to take a piece of the band home with you? Chris Cotton is parting with his first amp a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier in mint condition.


This is Brendan from TBED I have just taken over general up keep on the site, but Ama will still be our resident webmaster. All errors after this date can now be blamed on me. Check out the Calendar we have some new shows up there. If you do see any errors or have any ideas for improvement of the site feel free to email me.


We had a great time this weekend playing on KPIG’s show Please Stand-By. Thanks to all of you who tuned in. Check KPIG out on the web.


Mountain View Records has partnered with The Planetary Group to get the word out on the radio about The Blue Eyed Devils...By the end of March The Legend of Shorty should be playing on several hundred College and Non Commercial stations nationwide. So tell your family in Boise, Boston, Billings, or Baton Rouge to tune in to their local College blues programs to hear
and request "The Legend..."


Thanks to everybody who made it out to the CD release party for "The Legend of Shorty Brown" at the Biscuits and Blues in San Francisco, last Friday. We love you all.

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